School Board

Colona School District #190 Board of Education 


Meetings start at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room.

Meetings will take place in the Superintendents Office unless otherwise posted. Visitors are welcome to attend all meetings.  

Please contact eglackin@csd190 if you have any questions.  

Colona School District 190 Board Member Vacancy

Colona School District 190 is accepting applications to fill a board member vacancy. The person selected by the Board of Education will serve until the next regular school board election in April 2023.   A new board member will be approved and seated during an open session at a special meeting to be held with Colona School District 190 Board of Education. 

A person seeking to become a school board member must, at a minimum, meet the following criteria: 

Be at least 18 years old

Be a resident of Illinois and the District for at least one year immediately preceding the appointment

Be a registered voter

Not be a sex offender

Not hold another incompatible public office

Not have a prohibited interest in any contract with the District

Not be a school trustee

Be a United States citizen

Not hold any type of prohibited State or Federal employment



Persons interested in serving as a board member should submit a letter of intention along with a brief resume by Wednesday, April 7, 2021 to:

Colona School District 190 Board of Education 

c/o Office of Superintendent

Colona Grade School

700 First Street Colona, Illinois 61241

Board Member Vacancy Information: click here to open